Work In Progress (WIP) Session Moderator Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a WIP Session Moderator for FIE 2019!

5-Minute Postcard Sessions for “Work-In-Progress” (WIP) Papers

FIE uses a non-traditional format for WIP papers.  Authors will be able to take advantage of the format to gather feedback and ideas for their current projects.  In order for these sessions to be successful, moderators need to play a key role in managing the session.

The session will have 2 distinct components

PART 1: 5-minute “Postcard” Presentations by Half of the Presenters

Presenters will have 5 minutes total to introduce themselves and overview their work using the 2-slide postcard presentation slide template provided. These presentations will be uploaded in EDAS into a single slide deck. If a presenter failed to upload their 2-slides, then you should insert theirs into your slide deck before the start of the session. During the 5-minute presentation, there are no questions or answers (Q&As). All Q&A will be during the poster display time. As the moderator, your job is to make sure you: limit the presenter’s slides to 2; and give them no more than 5 minutes. Please remember 5 minutes is to “pitch” their poster.

PART 2: Poster Session

Presenters will display visuals/poster and answer questions of those who come to talk with them.

*Repeat Part 1 and Part 2 for the second half of the presenters.

Responsibilities as a WIP Session Moderator

Before the Session

Contact all authors in your session and remind them that they are responsible to upload their 2-slides into the EDAS system or send you their 2 postcard slides for their session by 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) Monday, October 14. Do not utilize EDAS for this communication (email) as the sender email information is not configured to be changed and is set to the Conference’s Publication Chair. 

Read over the papers in your session and decide on the best ordering of the presentations. You have access to the papers through your EDAS account. For example, if two papers are complimentary, perhaps those authors should be near each other in the room and should present close to one another.

The master presentation of all the slides in your session will be sent to you on Wednesday, October 16. Please download it and save it to your files.

The day before your session, send the Final PowerPoint slide deck out to all authors so they know the slide order.

During the Session

1.       Arrive at the room early.

2.       If someone did not upload their 2 slides, get a copy of their slides and put them into your slide deck and then load your slide deck on the computer in the room.

3.       Identify each author has arrived and verify their order in the presentation. 

4.       Decide where the first half of the presenters will put their “poster.”

5.       Based on the number of WIPS you have, half of them will give their postcard pitch, then stand by their poster for the first half of the session. Then you will reconvene the session and the second half of the presenters will repeat the process (i.e., the presenter will 1) hang their poster; 2) they will all give their 5-minute poster pitch, and 3) they will all go to their poster).

6.       Welcome everyone to the session and explain the format.

7.       Let the 5-minute presentations occur, keeping authors to the schedule.

8.       Invite authors to go to their poster spaces.

9.       Invite attendees to go speak to authors

10.   Repeat the process for the second half of the presenters.

Thank you for your contribution to FIE 2019 as a WIP Session Moderator. Please provide feedback to the Program Committee and let us know if you think this format was useful.