January 25th Extended Deadline Submission Instructions

Submission Instructions for Abstracts Due January 25 (Extended Deadline). The submission portal will be open until January 26 7:59 AM EST to accommodate for all time zones.

Be sure to complete all six steps below.

1. Prepare an abstract that indicates the type of submission in the first sentence.

The first sentence of your abstract should carefully indicate what type of submission you intend to contribute (Full Paper, Work in Progress, Special Session or Panel)  In addition, if you are submitting a Full Paper or Work in Progress abstract, you should also indicate the category ( Innovate Practice, Research-to-Practice or Research) in the first sentence of your abstract.  For example: “This Research to Practice Full Paper presents…..

2. Select at least one keyword for your submission.

Please consider your topics carefully.  The first topic listed will be used to put your paper in a track with papers of similar topics.

3. Carefully consider the guidelines and abstract review criteria for your type of submission.

When preparing your abstract, please note that there are different review criteria for the different paper categories, as well as review criteria for Panels and Special Sessions. Plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, is a serious offense and is not taken lightly by the IEEE. All papers will be electronically checked for plagiarism. The full IEEE policy on plagiarism can be found here.

Full Paper or Work In Progress PaperInnovative Practice CategoryResearch to Practice CategoryResearch Category
Special SessionGuidelinesReview Criteria
PanelGuidelinesReview Criteria

4. Remove all identifying information for double-blind review.

Please remember that FIE is using a double-blind review: No author or affiliation information should be contained in the title or body of the abstract.

5. Register all authors on EDAS

Each author of the work must visit the EDAS website and establish an account with a username and password.

Please login to EDAS and follow these steps:

I. Visit the FIE 2019 Submission Portal and click the link the create a new account, if you do not already have an account. If you have an account, log in to EDAS and follow the Abstract Submission instructions.

II. Create your profile. Only the five fields with the red asterisk are required. *It is very important that your name and affiliation associated with your EDAS account are correct and match the name and affiliation that will be listed on your paper. These fields are first & last name, affiliation, country, e-mail address, and status. When the fields are filled in, check the Privacy Policies box and click the Add Person button. [note: if you select USA as the country, you will get a message asking for your state]

III. You will receive an e-mail containing your password. Your email address and the given password must later be used to access the system during the following steps, so be careful to remember it.

IV. You can then return to the EDAS login page ( and change your assigned password to one that is easier to remember. To do this, click on the My Profile tab, and then click on change your password. Be sure to record to your user name, password and ID number for later reference.

6. Submit your abstract on EDAS

Please login at and follow these steps:

I. Select which track you’d like to submit your work (Full Paper, Panel, Pre-Conference Workshop, Special Session, Work in Progress).

II. Type in the title of the paper.

III. Choose your primary affiliation (IEEE Education Society, ASEE ERM, IEEE Computer Society).

IV. If you would like to be considered a new faculty fellow, indicate so by clicking the checkbox. Further details on New Faculty Fellows can be found here.

V. Enter your abstract in the text box provided.

VI. Check that the first sentence of your abstract identifies your paper’s category and status.  For example, “This Innovative Practice Work In Progress Paper will….”

VII. Check that there is no author or affiliation information in the title or body of abstract.

VIII. If you are submitting your work with a group of colleagues who have a similarly themed submission, and you would all like to be placed in the same session, please contact Ileana Canizares. Please provide all of the names of the colleagues and all of the titles of the submission in the content of your email.

IX. Choose the category of your submission (Innovative Practice, Research to Practice, or Research)

X. Choose between 1 and 3 topics from the listing, with the most relevant topic listed first.

XI. Click the Submit button.

XII. On the next page, you will see a large green checkmark and a statement that the paper was recorded.

XIII. You may add other authors to your submission.