Full Paper Session Chair Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a session chair for FIE 2019!

The primary responsibilities of session chairs are to:

• Know if there are any cancellations before your session. Please refer to the conference mobile app as well as the Program Change document, available at the registration desk, to see if anyone from your session has already informed us that they will not attend.

• Prepare a question or two that you could ask of each author in case there are none that are forthcoming at the end of each talk.

• Introduce the session briefly and make any FIE announcements that are needed.

• Briefly introduce each speaker and paper. If the author uploaded their bio into EDAS, it will be located on the Session Chair Sheet.

• Manage time during the session — hold each presentation to its time limit. Part of FIE culture is allowing people to slip between sessions to see papers of particular interest. This only works if you keep presentations exactly on time.

Paper presentations should start every 18 minutes.  Thus presenters should not present any longer than 15 minutes.  Q and A can go on for 2-3 minutes, and then quickly transition to the next presenter to prepare. (Of course, it is better if the presenter takes less than 15 minutes).

Please review the papers in your session so that you can better moderate the session.

• Manage audience questions, and ensure that presentations occur within their predefined time slots. In order to help you prepare for your responsibilities as a session chair, here are some additional details and suggestions:

1. Please be at your technical session room 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. This will allow time to meet the speakers, collect their bios for introductions, discuss session procedures, and preload all of the electronic presentations onto the computer in the session room.

2. We will place a session chair report form at the front table in your room. If you do not find it there, please come to the registration desk to get one. Please return the completed form to the registration desk. It is important that you mark papers without a presenter since the conference and IEEE policy precludes publication of papers that were not presented in the IEEE Explore database.

3. Each session room will have both a data projector connected to a laptop. Authors using PowerPoint presentations have been asked to bring their file on a memory stick so that it can be loaded onto the session room computer. If you have technical problems, contact someone at the registration desk, and they will have the AV technicians come and help.

4. If the speaker talks for less than the allotted time, the extra time can be used for audience questions. To help speakers stay on schedule, we suggest that you provide a prearranged cue for presenters when they have 5 minutes left and when they have 2 minutes left. If a speaker runs beyond the total scheduled time slot, it is necessary for you to stand up and cut off the presentation.

5. Be prepared to help speakers manage the question period following each presentation. Keep track of the available time and limit questions, if necessary. You may need to remind speakers to repeat the question, so everyone can hear it, or even to ask the first question or two if the audience is not very responsive.

6. There is always the possibility of a “no-show” during the conference. In such cases, you must still follow the announced presentation schedule and not move presentations forward. Feel free to use the time to best benefit the audience.